Wednesday, May 30, 2007

reagan is 9 months!

I can't say how happy I am that I get to document the growth of my super-cute niece, Reagan! I finally got to take her 9 month photos this past Sunday. We just ran over to the playground at the elementary school next to my parent's neighborhood. She wasn't a big fan of me taking photos this time. She is now starting to crawl and pulls herself up so she was more interested in exploring than smiling! I did manage to take a few cute ones though. :)

Isn't this hilarious!?

Check out that fancy footwork! Doesn't that make your feet hurt just looking at it!?

Look at how cute my Dan is! I always ask him to tag along with my shoots. He got some really cute photos of Reagan too. He's got a blog as well and should be posting his photos of her soon! :D

Friday, May 25, 2007

lindsay & chuck

I had the pleasure of 2nd shooting for Matt Gordon this past weekend. It was a great day and he is SO much fun to work with! I don't have much time to post because I have got to get some sleep. I'm 2nd shooting another wedding with him tomorrow! I can't wait. :D

By the way, I am in LOVE with the cakes that Lindsay & Chuck chose for their reception! Each table had their very own cake, complete with polkadots, which are my absolute favorite! :D (And not to mention it tasted fantastic!)


Monday, May 21, 2007

whitney & scott

I recently helped shoot Whitney & Scott's wedding with the wonderful (& hilarious!) Shelly Valentine. I absolutely loved everything about their wedding. Their details were so simple but perfect. I have a crazy obsession with taking detail shots so I was in heaven all day! :)

Thanks to Shelly for all the fun and letting me shoot with her .. and thanks to Scott & Whitney for letting me share in their day. It was an incredible time!

Here are my favorites. :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

abby & andy

This past Saturday I photographed Andy & Abby's wedding in Greenfield, Indiana. I was looking forward to it for months now because this was my first official wedding for 2007. :) I couldn't have asked for a better couple to kick of my wedding season. :) It ended up being a great day. The weather was beautiful, the bridesmaids were SO sweet, the groomsmen were hilarious, their families were wonderful .. and Andy & Abby couldn't have been anymore cute .. & nice! :) They were up for anything. We trekked all over downtown Greenfield stopping at the most random places .. including an old fashioned soda shop for a milkshake and a movie theater. It was so much fun! :)

Congrats, Andy & Abby. :) I hope you have a wonderful time at Disney World! (Abby has never been before so they are going there on their honeymoon! So cute!)

The boys "conquering the hill." Poor Andy slipped during one of their attempts.

I love this wall!

Andy cut their beautiful cake with a massive sword .. & then decided to lick it. Isn't his expression hilarious?

Thursday, May 3, 2007

reagan at 8 months!

My niece is 8 months and cute as ever! :) When we did the pictures, she was on the verge of crawling. We were all over at my mom's and got to see her crawl for the first time. She didn't go far but now that she realizes she can do it, she is going everywhere!

Anyway! My mom, Dan, and I went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art for her pictures. It was such a nice day. I've been wanting to take kidlet pictures at IMA for a while now so it was perfect. It's such a beautiful area.

Here are my favorites of the cutest kid, ever!! :D Don't you just want to squeeze her!?! She's soo cute!! :)