Sunday, April 29, 2007

brea & brent

I got to shoot another great wedding with Nate from Nathaniel Edmunds Photography. We photographed Brent & Brea, who were so nice and even more cute! Everything was beautiful! The reception was held at the Grand Hall in Union Station. I had never photographed there but I've always wanted to so I was psyched! :) The pictures of the massive stained glass windows below are from Union Station. So fun! :) Anyway, here are my favorites from the day!

Friday, April 27, 2007


I better start brushing up on my foreign language skills! I'm headed to Germany for 3 weeks in September with my Grandma and my mom! :D My Grandma was born there and we have family in both Germany and Italy who we're going to stay with. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am! I'm sure it's going to be an amaaazing time! We also just got the news that my mom's cousin and his wife just had a baby girl so I'll have plenty of photos to take of her! :D

All the pictures I'm posting are my mom's. She took them when her and my Grandma went back in 2002. She's got an artistic eye .. must be where I get my photo skills from! ;) She took almost 400 so it was hard to pick what ones to post. :) I don't even want to think about how many I'm going to take when I'm there. :)

My Grandma (back) & her sister, my Great Aunt Mickey

Venice, Italy .. where we'll hopefully be for a week or so!

My Great Uncle Erich & Great Aunt Gerte .. who we'll be staying with. :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

jalaina & adam

Sunday Dan and I spent the afternoon with our friends, Jalaina & Adam. They were married back in December (I was a bridesmaid!). I've wanted to do pictures of them for a while but unfortunately the weather hasn't been the best. We are finally starting to get nice spring weather and Sunday was the perfect day for pictures. :) Dan and I live right across the street from a HUGE park so we didn't even need to go far. :) (Just a warning .. this is going to be the longest post in history because I liked so many of their pictures. We also hung out after the pics for Jalaina's birthday! So you know I had to document the fun.) ;)

So to celebrate Jalaina's birthday, we went to Chipotle to stuff our faces. We somehow made room for even MORE food and went to Cold Stone Creamery. I am obsessed with their cake batter ice cream with a brownie mixed in. It's seriously like Christmas every time I eat it! ;)

Happy Birthday, Jalaina!! :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

baby bailey

Back on Easter, we went to Ohio to visit with Dan's family. I didn't even want to count how many people and kids were there .. his family is massive! One grandma has 30 grandkids and 7 great grandkids! Isn't that insane!? :)

One of his cousins had the most cuuuuute kidlet I have ever seen. :) Her name is Bailey. She absolutely loved getting her picture taken so you know I was all over that! :D

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

cincinnati ballet

I had the opportunity to assist one of my favorite photographers (who happens to be a great friend) Peter Mueller a few weeks on a shoot with the Cincinnati Ballet. Peter and I met in photography school and have been close friends ever since! In school, I always called him my hero and he always referred to me as his inspiration. :)

I can't say enough good things about Peter and his photography. You have got to check out his website. His work is amazing!! He did the portraits of Dan and I on my site and on the blog. They are pretty much the only pictures I've ever liked of myself. :) I'm not a big fan of getting my picture taken. ;)

Peter is the official photographer for the Cincinnati Ballet. He was hired to do an all day shoot for a new brochure they are working on and he was nice enough to ask me to help him out. It was nothing but a great experience! I walked into it not knowing anything about ballet but left being completely amazed and wanting to know more. The entire day I stood there basically speechless as I watched them perform. Everyone was SO nice too! I cannot wait until I get to see an entire show .. hopefully in May! :D

It was an insanely busy day so I didn't get to take many pictures but I did manage to snap a few during a break. :)

Saturday, April 14, 2007

2007 MS Walk

Today me, Dan and one of my best friends, Alicia, joined the team (of some long time family friends of mine Collette, Dave, & Natasha), the MS Angels, for the 2007 Multiple Sclerosis walk. We walked in honor of my dad who was diagnosed with MS 15 years ago.

It's the middle of April and we had to deal with temps in the 30's! On top of that was random spurts of sleet, snow, and rain!! It was definitely not the ideal weather, (especially for walking/running outside!) but it was all worth it. I hope next year it's a lot nicer so my dad can walk with all of us!

Thank you to those who sponsored me and the rest of the MS Angels! I appreciate it and I'm sure all of those who have been diagnosed, as well as their families, appreciate too!

Here are a few pictures of the fun!

Our team, the MS Angels :)

/Asian conflict!

my Dan :)

Alicia & I breaking out in some air guitar on the stage.

Alicia at the finish line. Yay!

Dan at the finish line. Geek!

Me at the finish line. Weirdo!

After the walk Dan, Alicia, & I enjoyed a wonderful lunch at our favorite restaurant, McAlister's. Back when I met Dan, the first time I actually called him was when Alicia and I were eating at McAlister's (like that is a shocker for us! All we ever do is eat .. and it's normally there). So we sat in the same booth where Alicia & I sat years ago, ate way too much food and took tons of random pictures.

Nachos bigger than Alicia.

Dan and I.

Alicia and her boyfriend, (imaginary). haha! How cute are they? <3