Thursday, June 26, 2008

baby olivia

I met baby Olivia, her mom and grandma at University Hospital last week. They had me come in to do a little photo shoot just before she was on her way home! She had been in the Special Care Unit for 3 weeks (one of the shorter visits for a lot of babies there!). I'm so happy that she got to go home. I'm sure her family couldn't wait! :)

Leah - all my best to you and your beautiful girl! :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

jessi & doug

Dan and I had been really excited to photograph Jessi & Doug's wedding since the day we met them. Each time we've had the chance to meet up, we always lose track of time because we're all chatting so much .. mostly about how crazy I think Doug is for being a pilot! ;)

Their wedding was in Culver, Indiana which is right on Lake Maxinkuckee. During their reception the four of us snuck off to get a few shots right around sunset. They were up for anything! They took off their shoes and walked around in the sand and water .. Jessi didn't even care if her dress got dirty. I love when I'm lucky enough to get brides like that! :) She was only concerned with getting great photos and if that meant her dress was going to be sandy and wet at the bottom, then so be it! :) You know I was loving every minute of it.

They put us up at a really cute bed & breakfast and to our surprise after a long day of shooting, we had a basket of goodies waiting for us in our room (complete with personalized cookies and a Starbucks gift card!). It was the perfect ending to a great day!

Jessi & Doug - We can't wait to hang out again (and check out your new home!). :) Thank you for your friendship and for being so wonderful to work with!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

welcome baby kelsey

On Monday a close family friend of ours, Anne, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She wasn't due until next week but went in for a doctor's appointment and they scheduled her c-section that day! Luckily my parents happened to call at the right moment and got the scoop on what was going on. My mom and I rushed to the hospital just in time to see her right after she was born. Keep your eye out on my blog for more photos of her in the future! I have a feeling my camera will be following her quite often! ;)

So here you go world .. meet Baby Kelsey! :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

laura & chris

I thought for sure the rain last Saturday would kind of make for a hectic day but Chris & Laura's wedding was one of the most stress free, laid back weddings I've ever photographed! Their friends and family were so welcoming and I couldn't have been more thankful. I honestly didn't feel like I was even working! It was just like we were hanging out with a bunch of friends and we happened to bring our cameras along. :) We had such a great time.

After an entire day of nonstop rain, the sun decided to show up when their reception had ended (go figure). It was originally supposed to be outside at a beautiful park in New Castle but because of the rain, they had to move everything inside the church (which worked out great and looked beautiful). We ran over to the park once all of their guests had left so we could do a few more fun photos outside. I'm so glad we did because the photos we got ended up being some of my favorites. It was such a beautiful location. We actually did their engagements there as well.

Laura & Chris - Congrats! Thanks for being such a great couple to work with! Dan and I hope you enjoy your photos. :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

grandpa b.

Last night my Grandpa passed away at home with my mom, Aunt Sandy, Uncle Mark, Aunt Mary and my Grandma all by his side. He had been sick for a while but as much I thought I had prepared myself for this, it didn't really help.

I'm going to miss him so much. He was such an amazing person. I can't even begin to tell you how funny he was. My Grandma is an extraordinary cook and he always claimed he taught her everything she knew. :) One thing that I'm never going to forget (and probably will miss the most) is all the hilarious faces he made in photos .. well, not for MY photos. Any time I ever tried to take a picture of him making a funny face, he'd do it for a split second when I wasn't even ready to take the photo then I had lost my chance. :)

I just can't imagine how life is going to go on without him. He was such a solid part of our family and holds a huge piece of all of our hearts.

I scanned a few of my favorite pictures of him that I found going through our family photo albums earlier this morning. I'm sure you can see from the photos that he was such a fun-loving amazing grandfather.

I love you, Grandpa! I'll miss you.

One of those funny faces I mentioned! :)

He thought the PhotoBooth program on my MacBook was hilarious! All I ever need to do when I'm upset is look at the photos he took and I'll be laughing for hours.

In this photo he is teaching me the tricks of Rollie Bollie, a game which he played all the time in tournaments with his friends. He won first place in the final tournament he played. How great is that? :)

The grandparents with all the grandkids. :) Please ignore how my mom so nicely took the photo and chopped off my cousin Charlie's head. :) haha!

This is the last photo we took together. He was hospitalized for a while the first of the year but luckily was released and got to spend the rest of his days with my Grandma at home.