Tuesday, December 25, 2007

happy christmas!

Dan, Otis and I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Christmas! Here's the photo from our Christmas card (taken by my super talented up and coming photographer mother)! We hope everyone had a great holiday. I'm so excited about what I got that I have to share .. red crock pot, red rice maker, new Rachel Ray pots and pans (cooking is my new favorite thing to do), Planet Earth series (amazing!), Post Secret book (even more amazing!), Target gift cards, Stabucks gift cards, a giant gummy bear .. and tons more fun goodies but I don't want to be here all day typing. :)

Tomorrow my Aunt Pam and I are going shopping all day and I can't wait! Every year I go on a wrapping paper shopping spree the day after Christmas. I seriously cannot explain the joy I get out of buying tons of wrapping paper, especially when it's 50% off! It's quite possibly almost more exciting than Christmas itself. ;) jk.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Tuesday was quite possibly one of the best nights of my life. A little over a month ago, I found out my favorite band, Silverchair, was coming to Indianapolis. The day before the show I found out I got a press pass, which was the highlight of my day (or my life .. either works)! It was perfect! Seriously what more do I need? It was my two favorites all rolled into one .. silverchair & photography. :)

I was in the front row, arms length from the band the entire night and it was so unreal. I got to see them before in Hollywood a few years ago but this night was completely different. For one, I had the press pass :) and on top of that I was with Dan, Dawn, Joe and Alicia who are 4 of my closest friends. I wouldn't have wanted to go and experience that with anyone else. :)

Special thanks to Ryan and Amanda who helped get me the passes! I cannot thank you guys enough for the opportunity!

Have a look at the photos! I am so happy and proud of how they turned out. I decided I'm getting a few canvas prints made of them as a Christmas gift to myself. My walls will definitely look better with a few of these hanging around right?? ;)

Friday, December 7, 2007

bean & the pudding

It's been forever since I've posted pictures of my niece, Reagan. The Sunday after Thanksgiving, I had Thanksgiving #2 with my family and I finally got some new pictures of her. I was in the middle of making a pie and the two of us decided she needed some of the pudding filling. I never really thought of the mess she would make but these pictures were totally worth it. :)

I cannot believe how much she's growing .. and how smart she is! She picks up on things so quickly. She has a hard time saying Aunt Nicole but we still work on it every time I see her. :) She's also perfected 'please' & 'thank you' which is SO adorable.

I never could have imagined having a niece would be this fun! :)