Tuesday, September 18, 2007

off to europe!!

I'm happy to say that my trip to Germany & Italy has finally arrived. :) :) I've been sort of a roller coaster of emotions about it. I don't know why but the older I get, the worse my fear of flying gets. Once I step foot on a plane I'm in full on panic attack mode. I can't breath, I'm sobbing, freaking out .. you get the point. :) It's definitely not pretty. So, worrying about having an attack come on has been so frustrating this past week .. when all I should be thinking about how much fun it's going to be when we get there!!

I got some anxiety/panic attack pills for the trip and I decided to test one out yesterday (just to see if there were any side effects). Now let me just preface this part .. I've never been drunk .. but I apparently was acting like I was. :) But the great news was that the anxiety I had about flying went away! The only downside was it wore off in about 4 hours (that and it made me so dizzy I almost fell over .. a few times ha!). The entire trip from Chicago to Germany is around 9 hours, give or take 15 minutes. Not cool. I'll be pill popping the entire time if I can't calm myself down! haha!

But anyway .. I am so so so so psyched about this trip. I can't believe I actually get the chance to go experience everything there for three entire weeks! And the fact that I get to see my family (some who I've never met and some who I haven't seen in years) and spend the entire time with my mom, grandma and Aunt Sandy makes it 100 time's better! Two weeks are being spent in Germany (& of course we're hitting up the Oktoberfest!!) and 1 week we'll be in Italy. We're going to hang out in Venice! Exciting right!? I can't wait! :)

Of course I couldn't blog it up without a picture or two so here you go .. two shots of my new toy (that you can't really see very well) and it's cover that I treated myself to this week. The new ipod classic and my fancy Paul Frank cover. I am absolutely obsessed with Paul Frank so I had to have this! :)

FYI .. I'm not quite sure about internet access over there but if at all possible, I'll try and blog some photos and catch up on emails. If not, be prepared for a slew of photos when I return on October 9th! :) Until then, I'll miss stalking everyone's blogs. :)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

andrea & mike

This past Saturday I photographed Andrea & Mike's wedding. Andrea and two of her bridesmaids have been long time friends of mine so it made the day 10 times more fun. :) It didn't even feel like I was "working" .. it was like we were just all hanging out. :)

The weather didn't cooperate very much. I thought for a while that we'd luck out but right after I finished some fun pictures of the guys outside, it started to downpour. We made the best of it though. :) Their reception was at the Hillcrest Country Club which luckily had a huge awning out front which turned out to be perfect for photos, rain or not. :) It was so beautiful!

Andrea & Mike - I hope you had a great honeymoon! Enjoy your photos. :)

Monday, September 10, 2007

deanna & don

Wedding #2 last weekend was for Deanna & Don in Marysville, Ohio. I have been SO excited about their wedding because Deanna and I went to photography school together! I was so honored that she chose me to photograph her wedding, being a photographer herself and knowing so many others! I got to spend time with some other friends who also went to school with us, which was nothing short of wonderful. :) It made me realize how much I miss everyone from school! (Shout out to my favorite instructor, Mark Cela! Do you still blog stalk me?!)

It was so fun to see the wedding come together. Deanna and I have chatted countless times about plans, details, dresses, etc. One of the last details I heard about was for their ceremony exit. Deanna & Don each had 10 bridesmaids and groomsmen so each couple got their own classic car to ride away in! It was definitely one of the most fun ceremony exits I've ever seen! I've always loved photographing old cars so it was one of my favorite parts of the day. :)

Deanna & Don, thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your day! I hope you had a wonderful time in Hawaii on your honeymoon. :)


Thursday, September 6, 2007

whitney & chuck

This past weekend was a double wedding weekend for me .. one here in Indy and the other in Ohio! It was a crazy busy weekend but so much fun!

Saturday we photographed Whitney & Chuck's wedding. They had absolutely gorgeous weather the entire day. The sky was the perfect blue. :) On top of the beautiful weather, their wedding party and families were so wonderful to be around all day. Everyone was so sweet.

If you check out the shoe shot below, you'll notice those aren't the normal shoes you see on a bride. :) Whitney decided to wear her swing dancing shoes all day! :) Her and Chuck met at a swing dance .. soo cute, right!? :) You should have seen the swing dancers at their reception! Everyone was super talented and it was so much fun watching.

Whitney & Chuck .. I hope you love your photos! :) Have a wonderful time in Ireland on your honeymoon. :)


Check back soon for my photos from Sunday's wedding!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

baby madalyn

I've been waiting and waiting to take pictures of baby Maddie for a few months now. :) Michelle (her mom who I happened to go to high school with!) and I had been emailing for a while and decided once she started sitting up, our photo date was on. :)

I finally got the chance to meet her last week. I had such a great time spending the evening with the family at the beautiful Indianapolis Museum of Art. By the way, a big thanks goes to my Dan who saved my butt, yet again. Maddie was about over getting her photos taken when Dan decided to bark like a dog (& totally embarrass himself!), which resulted in big smiles from Maddie. He's such a lifesaver. :)

Faves!!.. (Isn't she too cute for words!?)