Thursday, March 1, 2007

so much fun!

The past few days have been soo much fun. I have been at an OSP photo seminar here in Indy with a ton of fellow photographers, as you can see above! :) I got to see old friends, meet a ton of new friends and learned a ton about improving my photography and business! I am really excited to see how things change for me in the future!

I didn't take many pictures of everything but here are a few!

dan & my dan

taking a picture of Tim Co. (two words!) taking my picture

the wonderful bobbi looking wonderful and myself looking crazy

mr. turtle

the BFF's!

the BFF's again.

Speaking of BFF's, Tim Co., is here hanging out with Dan and I for a few days. We've been eating out way too much and making fajitas with the Turtle's, Nate & Amanda. Video coming soon! :) It's been such a great week!


Tim Co. Photography said...

your great bff..can u pass the ice cubes?

Jules said...

I am SO jealous. I never get to go to these things. Thanks for the pics though! Love the group shot.

Deanna said...

that looks like a lot of fun!!!!!! Wish I cold find somethin like that around here to go to!

char said...

I bet that was a fabulous time!

char said...

I bet that was a fabulous time!

Dan Schimpf said... that TWO DAN SCHIMPF''re blessed to know two such great guys....oh of em's me...Nevermind!!!


Daniel J. Watkins said...

Looks like fun...too bad I had to leave early! I even missed the group photo. Oh well...I can PS myself in, right? ;)

Bobbi said...

I just found this :) HAHAH!!!! FUNNY PHOTOOOOO OF US :D LOVE TO YOU NICOLE!!! ~Bobbi