Saturday, August 18, 2007


There's this little blog game going around and I got tagged by 2 photographers (who happen to be on my list of favorite blogs to stalk!!) .. Kristy (Wreckless Photography) and Lauren (openField photography). Apparently with this little game, I have to list some random facts about myself then tag a few other photographers. :) I love random!

01 - Yesterday we had to take my pup, Otis, to the vet. He possibly has something wrong with his pancreas. The bill was $350 & counting, depending on what his blood work results say today.

02 - I'm obsessed with french fries .. McDonald's is the favorite by far.

03 - Before I left for photography school, I told a lot of my friends I was going to find a 'photographer boyfriend' .. and I did just that. We've been together over 2.5 years now. (Plus he looks like Justin Timberlake .. how's that for an added bonus?!)

04 - I leave for Germany with my mom, Aunt Sandy, and Grandma exactly one month from today.

05 - I'm deathly afraid of flying. My 9 hour trip to Germany is 1 - not going to be fun at all & 2 - be the longest 9 hours of my life. I'll probably be crying the entire way.

06 - Whenever I get married, there will be an old school photo booth there so I can have pictures of all my guests. It's not going to be one of those crappy digital ones that are taking over. It's going to be total old school (& probably way too much $$).

07 - I made up a song about the UPS man.

08 - I loooove polkadots!!

Tagging time! ...
- Shelly Valentine
- Rebekah Westover
- Nate & Amanda
- Amy Squires
- Jen Lee
- Kate Benson
- Jennifer McNulty
- Amy Wenzel


dan schimpf said...
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dan schimpf said...

justin timberfake says that he is glad that he met you at school. he really just wants otis to get better.

Tim Co. said...

ups man song lol?

Becky said...

You have to tell me the song!! You know thats where I work,dont you. I can go to work and sing it all day. LOL! You still have my e-mail address? Send me the song please!

katy said...

old school photo booths are awesome! we had one at my wedding and it was the best thing there by far! our photo booth scrapbook is fabulous.

amanda reynolds said...

Good stuff nic, I didn't know you didn't like flying! Germany will be well worth the pain of flying, you'll love it. Can't wait to see the pics!

favorite aunt sandy said...

Hate flying also, I will supply the dramamine and what ever else we need. Your Mom says she will have her hands full w/the 3 of us. I say she can handle it. Sounds like you both may start drinking...that's what vacations are for-see you in a month!!!

mom said...

You are sooooo funny!

Anna Page Photography said...

Omg, I crave McDonalds fries too. I want some, thanks to YOU! :)

char said...

Fabulous info there Nicole!