Monday, March 17, 2008

baby eliza

So I might be one of the only photographer's on the planet who isn't in Vegas right now for the big photo convention but I'm living it up anyway. My mom and I have been in Illinois the past few days staying at my grandparents. Some of our relatives from Germany (Frank, Elke & their super cute baby Eliza) are here visiting. Of course I had to take a few pictures of the baby. :) Last year when we were in Germany, we were there when she was baptized. It was really nice seeing them again!

Even though Vegas will have to wait until next year for me to grace it with my presence, I've still got some great shoots coming up this week that I'm really looking forward to. I'll post them soon!

Anyway, how cute is this baby!? :)


kristy said...

actually...i'm in oregon, not vegas! :)

and these are adorable. crisp and consisten and striking as they usually are! :)

mom said...

You captured her beautifully Nicole!!! Amazing she is learing 3 languages at that age!

DrewB said...

Cute baby! And you're not the only one not at WPPI :( There's always next year!

char said...

Your pictures are always fabulous.

Jen said...

hello! long time no talk! ..:) you are not the ONLY photographer not to go to vegas..I was not either :( that's ok though, maybe next year!
p.s. Eliza is adorable! Adorableness just runs rampant in your family doesn't it?!! :)