Thursday, November 1, 2007

congrats jalaina & adam!

Two of our favorite friends, Jalaina & Adam officially bought their first home this week. :) Dan and I are soo excited and happy for them! .. (That and we can't wait until they get their puppies so Otis has even more friends for play dates). :)

Of course I have a photo to share. They are so funny .. this picture totally suits them. :)


mom said...

You crack me up Nicole! Congrats to you Jalaina and Adam. Looking forward to the tour.

your other favorite aunt spam said...

Congrats to your friends on the new house......excellant idea for the picture!!!!!You Rock!

Ricki Ford said...

Thats funny!

Deanna said...

This is a cute picture! Congrats to them! That has to be so exciting!

Jen said... is a GREAT time to be buying but it is a horrible time to be selling :( I hope to see one of the SOLD signs soon in our yard.

congrats to your friends!!

Shelly Valentine said...

Cute pic! We need to do lunch soon!